SIX: Mixed 8pk + Glass


This mixed box contains:
2x 440ml cans of SIX: People's Choice - Pale Ale
2x 440ml cans of SIX: Instant Classic - Oat Cream IPA
2x 440ml cans of SIX: Rain, Hail or Shine - DDH DIPA
2x 440ml cans of SIX: Split - Imperial Pastry Stout
1x SIX Rastal 470ml Conical Tumbler

Tasting Notes

People's Choice is a brand new Pale Ale brewed to celebrate our sixth birthday. We took the most popular style and the top three most popular hops, as chosen by you, from our recent competition and created this incredibly crushable hazy pale for everyone to enjoy. We've got a simple and effective malt bill that brings a medium haze with a glowing orange colour. We've hit it with the 1, 2, 3 punch of Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy late in the game for ultra soft and juicy flavours. Soft peach, light orange and a hint of lychee on the nose, while the passionfruit and berries really hit home with every sip. The finish is light, refreshing and juicy, meaning you can crush this one all afternoon

Instant Classic is a brand new Oat Cream IPA brewed to celebrate our sixth birthday. For this brew, we surveyed our team at Range to find out exactly what everyones favourite hops are. The votes are in and the team have created this juicy banger with Citra, HBC 586, Motueka and Nectaron. Holy heck, we love a juicy Oat Cream and this one is no doubt an Instant Classic. Light in colour and ultra hazy on the eye, with a fluffy white foam that will have you on cloud nine from the get go. Take a sip and you'll have wave after wave of tropical complexity roll over your palate. Fruit tingle sherbet, rockmelon, candied orange and guava on a silky and creamy wave. The finish is hoppy and fresh, with a lasting Citra kick that hangs around in the best possible way.

Rain, Hail or Shine is a brand new Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA brewed to celebrate our sixth birthday. For this recipe we asked you to submit your dream beer ideas and from those submissions we picked one lucky punter and have turned their idea into this beer! Daniel F came at us asking for something super hoppy (DDH), a Double IPA, a nice hazy colour and the hop combo of Citra, Rakua, Mosaic and Galaxy. We loved everything about how that sounded, with pungent hops, a super hoppy intensity and a milky haze - it sounds right up our alley (and yours).

So how did it turn out? Well, exactly like we planned it (and hopefully Daniel too!). The colour is a glorious light orange, with that thicc milky haze that we adore. On the nose expect an explosion of intense tropical fruit, dominated by sticky passionfruit. Take a sip of this hop nectar and be met with an absurdly juicy punch of hop expression. Mango nectar, sticky passionfruit, and pungent apricot all glide through on a luxuriously smooth body that coats every corner of your mouth with beautiful fresh hops. Rain, Hail or Shine, you know we're gonna DDH it.

Split is a brand new Imperial Pastry Stout brewed to celebrate our sixth birthday. Now, we're going to be honest, when we asked the public to vote for the beers they most wanted us to bring for this birthday release, stout wasn't on our bingo card. But as they say the people have spoken and we listened. For this birthday edition stout we knew we had to go hard, so we've leaned heavily into the dessert theme and come up with a banana stout with a hint of toasted pecan and toasted hazelnut. This is one of our biggest and boldest stouts to date, with a ridiculously thick and velvety body. The banana notes dominate the flavour, mixing in seamlessly with a decadent stout base that balances intense malt sweetness with a discernable toasty roast. On the backend, a subtle toasted nut backend comes through late to round out this chocolate-banana-split-in-a-beer experience perfectly. You could say we wanted to have our cake and drink it too.

ABV: 5.0%-10.8%
Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat, Banana, Lactose, Pecan, Vanilla, Hazelnut
Vegan: No
Package Size: 8x 440ml cans


SIX: Mixed 8pk + Glass

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