Whether it’s a modern wedding or a unique event, this contemporary inner-city barrel room was designed to house the beginnings of every kind of story.

Many years ago our Range journey first started in a humble pub in Bethnal Green, UK. Matt and Gerard planned from start to finish exactly how they wanted this brewery to unfold. They knew exactly what kind of changes they wanted to make in the Australian beer industry, the type of experiences they wanted to create. Since then, our entire team has been committed to exploring what it means to deliver exceptional hospitality and creating an atmosphere you can’t quite forget.

Drawing inspiration from countless venues, overseas travels, and our own taprooms, we’ve condensed our favorite experiences into The Bethnal, a place designed to house the beginnings of every kind of story. It embodies a rich blend of high-quality craftsmanship, design and hospitality, with a priority focusing on versatility and comfort.

The centerpiece of the space is the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling barrel wall backdrop. This will double as a working experiment for our brewing team as we continue to push the boundaries with wild-fermented beers and barrel-aged stouts.

As part of your experience at The Bethnal, you’ll have private access to a custom-built bar that boasts six taps of our freshest beer, along with our very own in-house red and white wine. We’ve made these wines in partnership with LATTA Vino from Coghills Creek in Victoria and they’re exclusively found in all of our sister venues including our Newstead and Abbotsford Range taprooms and newest venue- Patio, in Paddington, Brisbane.


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