We release new beers every Friday at both our taproom locations and our online store. We announce these beers each Wednesday via social media platforms. Give us a follow on social media or click here to stay up to date with our beer releases.

The best place to enjoy our beers is in one of our taprooms. If you can't make it in, contact yout local craft bottle store.

Yes. but in very small quantities. Please contact for more info.

No, we don’t. We self distribute all our own beer. We strictly cold freight all orders. Please email sales@rangebre if you’re a bar or store looking to get your hands on some Range beers.

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to sell kegs or cans for your private event.


What’s Pouring



Each style varies, however, we recommend drinking our beer as soon as possible.


Yes! You can purchase either online or taproom gift cards on our online store.

As soon as you’ve received a confirmation email you’re welcome to come into the brewery during opening hours to collect.

If you have realised the mistake close enough to the time you placed the order, you can get into contact with us and we will see what we can do! Send an email with all of the relevant details to