I'll Take Two of Everything Please - Mixed 16pk

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This mixed box contains:
2x 440ml cans of Creative Control - DDH Pale Ale
2x 440ml cans of Upon Reflection - West Coast IPA
2x 440ml cans of DDH LA Vibes - California IPA
2x 440ml cans of Echo Chamber - Oat Cream IPA
2x 440ml cans of Howdy Neighbour - NZ Pilsner
2x 440ml cans of Space Age - DDH IPA
2x 440ml cans of Hard Maybe - Hazy DIPA
2x 440ml cans of  Time Machine - West Coast IPA

Creative Control
Style: DDH Pale Ale
Creative Control is a brand new double dry-hopped pale ale featuring Motueka HopKief, Citra and Cashmere. Our brewers have gone with our house malt base, similar to our Forever Range staple, Disco, to ensure that this is an ultra-crushable, juicy pale ale. With a slight tweak to how we have utilised HopKief in the past, we are left with a beer bursting with lime, pineapple and tangerine leaping out of the glass. The aroma backs itself up on the palate nicely, leaving your mouth coated with candied citrus, citrus oil and a little bit of a Fruit Loops vibe thanks to the Cashmere. A soft bitterness on the finish leaves things refreshing and easy drinking, leaving the hops to shine bright.

Upon Reflection
Style: West Coast IPA
Upon Reflection is a brand new modern West Coast IPA. We’ve dry-hopped it heavily with Mosaic Cryo, Citra, Centennial, and Nectaron. So clear that you could read a book through it, we’re already licking our lips just looking at it. Aromas of white peach, lemon rind, blueberry, and grapefruit are having an absolute party in the glass, leaping right out at us. On the palate we get an even bigger hit of peach and stone fruit, some candied citrus and some pithy grapefruit that just enhances refreshment levels. An assertive bitterness (similar to grapefruit bitterness) cleans up the palate and coats your mouth, leaving you ripe and ready for another sip. Upon reflection, this might be one of our favourite Westys so far this year! 

DDH LA Vibes
Style: DDH California IPA
We’ve taken one of our favourite ever California IPA’s and hit it with our signature DDH treatment to bring you DDH LA Vibes. Surprisingly only the second ever DDH Cali we’ve produced, this beer is proof that we’ll be doing far more in the future. Featuring the unbeatable hop combo of Citra and Mosaic, we’ve kept it simple for this clean and ridiculously crushable IPA. The body is lean but present, with a super light colour and pure clarity. Aromas of orange peel and mango splice jump out, before light pine, berries and orange peel come through on the palate. The finish is dry and refreshing but still leaves you with a lovely citrus kick. We cannot express enough how much we love this style of beer and improving on what was already close to perfect.

Echo Chamber
Style: Oat Cream IPA

Echo Chamber is a brand new Oat Cream IPA loaded with Sabro LUPOMAX, Citra, Cashmere, Galaxy, and Mosaic. This is the hop combo of our dreams for an Oat Cream IPA and we’re honestly surprised we haven’t done it sooner. On first impression we get a tonne of citrus on the nose. Grapefruit, lime, mandarin, and tangerine dominate, with a hint of fruit tingles to bring some candied citrus vibes. The palate is still citrus heavy with the addition of some passionfruit and juicy melon. The mouthfeel is sherberty which compliments the hop bill perfectly, with every flavour coating your palate. To cap things off, it finishes slightly drier than our last few Oat Cream’s, yet still ultra juicy, making sure it goes on and on and on forever. Almost like you’re stuck in a hop saturated echo chamber. 

Howdy Neighbour
Style: NZ Pilsner
Howdy Neighbour is a NZ Pils that we’ve brewed to showcase Wakatu, Motueka and Nectaron hops. This is one zesty little Pils! Crystal clear as you pour it, lime, lemon and a nice hit of grassiness jump out of the glass. Once your lips get past the dense fluffy foam, your palate is treated to an even bigger explosion of citrus, a nice and lean malt backbone, with a crispy bitterness to finish the job. Overall, this is an absolute crusher and the perfect beer to crack with your neighbour, whether they’re next door, or across the Tasman.

Space Age
Style: DDH IPA
Space Age is a juicy double dry-hopped IPA brimming with Citra Cryo, Citra, Manilita, Galaxy, and Mosaic. This intergalactic journey into hop saturation is a mind melding explosion of joosey goodness. Pouring into the glass, the first thing we notice is our signature haze with a head of fluffy white foam on top. The aroma is super heavy on ripe passionfruit and grapefruit oil, inviting you to dive head first into the wormhole. Take that leap and be met with juicy layers of sticky mango, blueberry, raspberry, another hit of passionfruit, and a little hint of lime just to freshen things up nicely. A super dry finish and a small hit of bitterness at the end keep things perfectly balanced.

Hard Maybe
Style: Hazy DIPA
Hard Maybe is a brand new Double IPA that we have heavily dry-hopped with Citra LUPOMAX, Simcoe Cryo, Citra, Galaxy, Manilita, and Simcoe. As you could guess, a hop bill as ridiculous as this has produced a beer that is absolutely ridiculous. Upon the first crack, there’s one thing that stands out. This beer is ~tropical~. More specifically, we get aromas of overripe mango, pineapple, kiwi, guava, and lychee. On the palate the tropical vibes continue, with some citrus coming to party. Lots of mango and pineapple still, then we get hit with some ruby red grapefruit, orange peel and a touch of mandarin. The body is thick and juicy, with a nice hint of sherbert to keep things refreshing and zippy. Grab a can and you’ll agree with us that Hard Maybe is a hard yes.

Time Machine
Style: West Coast IPA
Time Machine is a brand new modern West Coast IPA that we’ve dry-hopped with Citra, Nelson Sauvin, and Galaxy. This one is for the OG’s that were drinking hoppy beer back in the early 2010’s. It’s very reminiscent of when we started getting west coast style IPAs from over the ditch that were loaded with Nelson Sauvin and way fresher than any American imports you could find at the time. Crystal clear in the glass of course, we get aromas of grapefruit, pine, passionfruit, white wine spritzer and a nice hit of NZ dank. As good as it was back in the day, we’ve decided to leave the caramel malt in the past, instead opting for a lighter, snappier body that pairs perfectly with the high bitterness at the back of the palate. Classics are classics for a reason and this trip in the time machine is a certified future classic. 

    Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat, Lactose 
    Vegan: No
    ABV: 5.3% - 8.8%
    Package Size: 16x 440ml cans


    I'll Take Two of Everything Please - Mixed 16pk

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