Range Brewing Bamberg Tankard

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Now these glasses we’ve brought in aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill drinking vessels. They are a traditional German style mug called a Bamberg Tankard. They’re made from high-quality European crystal and imported straight from Germany so these bad boys are incredibly sturdy.

Ours are extra special because we’ve had them nucleated with “lager is life” on the bottom to provide the best, long-lasting foam experience. 

How will they improve the head retention?

Essentially, when our beer touches the rough etching on the bottom of the glass, it causes the CO2 in the beer to dissolve into gas form and thus creating a constant stream of bubbles rising to the top. 

Christmas Delivery Information

Delivery Cut offs For Arrival Before Christmas*
○ Dec 12th for orders to WA + NT
○ Dec 12th for orders to rest of Australia
* Dates given by Australia Post. Like most delivery dates, please keep this in mind with a grain of salt.

Other Updates
○ Dec 21st last orders shipped
○ Jan 3rd shipping commences again

Range Brewing Bamberg Tankard


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