Throwback Week - Mixed 8 + Glass

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This mixed box contains:
2x 440ml cans of Plus One
2x 440ml cans of DDH House Party
2x 440ml cans of Velvet Fog
2x 440ml cans of If Not Now
1x Shaker Pint Nucleated Retro Blue Logo

Plus One
Plus One is a collaboration beer that we first brewed with our favourite Adelaidian homies at Shapeshifter Brewing Co from Adelaide in 2020. For this juicy banger we gave the DDH treatment to an Oat Cream IPA and the result is one of the smoothest and juiciest IPAs in our repertoire. It pours a stunning bright orange that glows in the sunshine, with a white and fluffy foam. We went hard on the hops with Citra Incognito and Galaxy in the whirlpool and a hefty dry-hop of Citra, Citra LUPOMAX and Mosaic Cryo. Bursting with fresh passionfruit, lychee and overripe mango. The mouthfeel is every bit smooth and creamy as you'd expect, with a finishing sweet juiciness. 

If Not Now
If Not Now is a smoothie-style Imperial Sour Ale. For this batch we have absolutely blasted this thing with all mango everything, along with additions of vanilla and lactose.  It pours a thiiccccc and dense orange colour and an insane mango aroma. The mouthfeel is luxurious and creamy with fresh mango smoothness all over the palate. Light tartness, mango sweetness and a creamy vanilla finish. It's slightly bonkers that this beer is 9% so take it easy!

Velvet Fog
Velvet Fog is the first Oat Cream TIPA we ever brewed. We've dry-hopped Velvet Fog with the succulent combination of Citra, Sabro Cryo and Galaxy. On the nose, this thing is crazy! it has punchy passion fruit mixed in with the fruitiest bubblegum and juicy fruit vibes. The body is as the name alludes, nothing but velvet. Creamy, full and soft, with a light carbonation. The hops are popping in this one with a full on smorgasbord of pineapple daiquiri, passionfruit, mango and pina colada. The finish is smooth and mouth coating, meaning each sip lingers with juice. This is in our eyes exactly what an OC TIPA should be.

DDH House Party
We've gone hard on one of our most loved IPA recipes and given House Party the DDH treatment. Doubling up on Citra and Amarillo and supercharging with Mosaic Cryo for extra hop intensity. A simple malt bill made up of predominantly extra pale and oats brings a light orange colour with plenty of body. Intense aromas of mango, tangerine and papaya swirl together for a wave of full on tropical notes. On the palate the juiciness continues with a big hit of mango up front, with smooth melon and citrus rounding out the finish. The backend is dry, juicy and soft but with a hint of bitterness that keeps you coming back. We wouldn't recommend drinking it from a red cup but we won't tell if you won’t. 

ABV: 6.5%-10%
Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat, Mango, Vanilla, Lactose 
Vegan: No
Package Size: 8 x 440ml Cans 


Throwback Week - Mixed 8 + Glass

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