Keep it Clear Pack

Keep it Clear Pack contains:

2x 440ml Dripping In Green: Centennial
Style: West Coast IPA
Dripping In Green: Centennial is the second iteration of our West Coast Dripping In Green adventure. In this absolute smacker of a beer, we get intimate with the Centennial hop variety by layering every format we can find into this punchy West Coast IPA.

Centennial hops are known for their beautifully rounded citrus characteristics and our goal for this beer was to take that aspect and make it explode. We've used Centennial Incognito, Cryo Hops™ and T-90 pellets to build wave after wave of citrus kick. The body of the beer is full but clean, with a malt bill that accentuates the hop notes rather than detract from them. From first sniff to last mouthfeel this beer is a citrus powerhouse. Aromas of Tangerine, Mandarin and orange peel bitterness flow through on the palate to sticky orange, sweet marmalade and zesty Old Fashioned bitterness. The finish brings a hint of pine needle prickliness with a lasting bitterness that makes this one undeniably moreish.

2x 440ml Another Day In Paradise
Style: California IPA
Another Day In Paradise is a brand new Cali IPA which is one part of a two part series. This series aims to highlight how changing something as simple as the yeast strain can drastically impact the final beer. Another Day In Paradise is fermented with our house West Coast strain and dry-hopped with a Simcoe heavy lineup that features Simcoe Cryo Hops™, Citra LUPOMAX, Simcoe, Citra and Galaxy. This is a beautiful hop combo for this style of beer! The lean Pilsner malt base brings enough body to support the beer and it's ABV but ultimately just allows the hops to sing! We've got all kinds of zest going on with this beer. The palate and aroma are brimming with bright orange citrus characteristics that bring zest for days. On the back of the palate, big tropical mango notes come through, leaving a dry, refreshing and fruity finish.

2x 440ml Range Lite
Style: American Light Lager
Range Lite is a brand new and ultimately crushable American style Light Lager. We've been wanting to brew this style for a while now and Footy Finals and Fathers Day has provided the ultimate platform to launch with. Range Lite pours an extremely light yellow colour which is crystal clear. We've used a combination of rice and corn in our grist to provide a lean body with a crisp flavour, whilst also helping to maintain clarity. A mild bitterness on the mid palate adds an element of refreshment and balance that carries through gently to the finish. All in all this is a perfect Saturday crusher, whether you're cheering on your favourite team or have just worked up a thirst that must be quenched.

2x 330ml Endless Summer
Style: Cali Pale
Look we know it's the middle of winter but we are manifesting summer vibes with this beauty of a Cali Pale. Endless Summer is brewed for the days when you're in need of a crushable, tropical pale that eases away the winter chill. We've brewed it with a classic Citra and Mosaic hop bill for notes of sticky melon, sweet mango and a hint of summer berries. There is a balancing and subtle bitterness that keeps things all too refreshing. An all year round crusher.

2x 330ml Sawayaka
Style: Rice Lager
Sawayaka is a brand new Japanese Rice Lager. It's our first dip into the world of rice lagers and we're stoked on how it's come out. We've mixed a light base of Pilsner malt with a huge addition of rice to create a lean and clean body. A pinch of Huell Melon provides a gentle bitterness and light spice that perfectly balances the clean and light body. Ultra refreshing and incredibly moreish.

ABV: 4.2% - 6.8%
Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat
Vegan: Yes
Package Size: 6 x 440ml Cans + 4x 330ml Cans

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