the story so far.


So far, we’ve kept a pretty tight lid on the beginnings, happenings and plans for the brewery. So we thought it was time to share a little more info on how this all started, why we decided to take action and how it’s been progressing thus far.

Mid last year, while we were both living and working in London, we started talking about our future plans. At the time, one of us was working in the design industry and the other was working for an independent brewery and also a craft beer festival. The uniqueness of the paths we were both on are perhaps the reason this idea came to light. We were fortunate enough to be given inside access to some of the best and newest breweries in the UK and Europe. Our fascination with design and beer culture came together and we began to understand how the combination of the two could create a unique brand.

We started toying with the idea of starting our own bar in Australia to bring in the many European beers we had to come to enjoy and the quality we had come to expect. That led us to the point that if we were going to open a beer bar we might as well be brewing our own beer, so we’d open a brew pub. Not satisfied with the small reach of a brewpub, we decided that if we were making beer, it might as well be on a commercial scale. Just like that, Range Brewing was born.

During the next eight months whilst still living in London, we began researching and planning everything we would need to start the brewery. We spent countless hours in all number of bars, breweries, planes and countries chatting and bouncing ideas off each other. We decided we wanted to create a brewery that combined our experiences and celebrated the things we love: technology, design and people, all the while respecting the environment in anyway we can.

Early in 2017 we returned to Brisbane, where things really kicked into gear. The search began for a place to call home in this expanding and ever-changing city. We discovered what we believe is the perfect place for a community-minded brewery where people can come together to eat, drink, converse and share ideas - but more about the location later.

What we can tell you is that we’ve ordered our brewhouse; a 1200L Premier Stainless Systems brewery with added whirlpool, two 2400L fermenters, three 1200L fermenters, and a conditioning tank in each size respectively. We're now a team of three, with our good friend Mitch joining us to take the lead on brewing operations. 

So that’s what has got us to now. We are eagerly awaiting approval from council so that we can begin construction of our brewery. Our brewhouse itself is in the final stages of design and will be shipped to us at the end of this year. There’s a long road ahead but with the meticulous planning and researching that we have done up to now, beer is on the horizon.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you, it’s an extremely exciting time for us. Please follow along on our instagram for weekly updates on the brewery, and keep an eye on our facebook page for the next blog post.


Matt and Gerry.