our HQ. our Taproom.


After a few months of back and forth with engineers, draftsmen, surveyors and council representatives, we can finally announce where our HQ and Taproom will be located. In close proximity with Newstead Brewing and our friends Green Beacon, we want to create a cluster of inner city breweries within walking distance of each other. Initially, we attempted to find a location away from other established breweries, but could not resist the allure and the neighbourhood feel of the developing Newstead North. Dotted in amongst a number of other creative manufacturers in the area, the charm of our warehouse on Byres St instantly grabbed us. A slightly unconventional shape, but littered with ample natural light, it was love at first sight. We have worked hard and persevered with our council application and after a few short months (which felt like forever) we are pleased to say that our Development Application has been approved.

We now push go on the construction phase of our project. Our aim over the next few months, is to create a space where you will come to enjoy a beer with us in the brewery, where our beer is always freshest. Every detail of the brewery design has been carefully considered to allow us to grow with no constraints. The taproom has been completely designed by us, from the kitchen, down to the furniture you will sit on. Located centrally in the warehouse, immersed amongst the equipment, we hope to bring people together and offer a unique tasting experience and a place where people can relax and laugh while enjoying a cold one.

Follow the transformation, we’re building this for you.


Matt and Gerry.