Collaboration: Brewing with Friends

We believe good collaboration is about human connection and the exchange of knowledge and ideas between friends. It allows us to share our experiences, skills and ideologies with like minded businesses and brands and provides the opportunity to catch up and talk beer with other breweries. Of course it has to be mutually beneficial for both parties involved, but ultimately our collaborations are for you, our customers. Our goal when collaborating is to work with friends to create something our customers wouldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for the unique partnership.

We recently collaborated with two breweries (and good friends) to produce two new beers we think you’ll love. The first beer, Think Less, was brewed in collaboration with London brewery Gipsy Hill. We were lucky enough to meet the folks at Gipsy Hill in 2016 when living abroad. Head brewer Simon Wood visited us in Brisbane where we shared stories, ideas and recipes to produce a Session IPA. The name, Think Less, is not only reflective of the clean flavour profile of this tasty brew but it speaks to the not-so-serious approach that both we and Gipsy Hill take towards brewing.

Good problem to Have is our second collaboration brew created with KCBC (Kings County Brewers Collective), Brooklyn. We crossed paths with the KCBC team at the 2018 London Craft Beer Festival where we shared a few beers and kept in touch once the festivities were over. KCBC co-founder Zack Kinney was recently in Brisbane and popped in to help us produce Good Problem to Have, which will be released in the coming weeks.

We decided it was important to reflect the collaborative nature of these brews by teaming up with a local artist to create the can labels. Miriam Mclean is a fellow Byres street native who takes residence at Mas and Miek Ceramic House opposite RB headquarters. We were initially blown away by Miriam’s talents as a ceramicist and were even more excited to discover Miriam’s talents as a painter.

Not only did these collaborations provide us with newfound knowledge and stronger relationships with talented businesses and individuals, it’s resulted in beers and products we’re extremely proud of and most importantly a new and hopefully amazing experience for our customers.

We hope you enjoy.