forever exploring. forever evolving.


As our nine month anniversary approaches and we’re feeling well and truly at home in our brewery in Newstead, we thought it was a good time to share with you the finer details behind what we do at Range Brewing. We’re humbled by the love we’ve received from our loyal and new followers, and we want you to know the thought-process that goes into delivering each new beer.

Forever Exploring, Forever Evolving isn’t just a fun tagline that pays homage to our love of travel and technology (although that is a big part of why we do what we do, but more on that later) it’s the way we approach everything.

Evolution and exploration is at the core of everything we do, from the design of our taproom, to the technology we’ve adopted, to the way we use (and don’t use) energy. Most importantly, It’s the formula we use to create our beers.

We didn’t start with a core range of beers like most breweries. Instead, we decided to focus on core styles of beers – hoppy, dark and sour – and use the outcome of each batch, the feedback from our customers and our own personal experiences to inspire each individual beer. We continuously develop and innovate our beers not only to push the envelope but to constantly surprise, engage and involve our loyal customers in the brewing process.

By brewing on a world class brewhouse in controllable batch sizes, we are able to evolve our range of beers while exploring new recipes and approaches, thus resulting in the best possible experience for you.

You’re probably familiar with our four characters: The Male Viking, The Female Viking, The Baby Viking and The Kung Foo Elephant. You may have also noticed that each beer we make comes in a different colour. Not only are they quirky, these little guys actually work as a key for the types of beers we make at Range Brewing.

Currently each type of beer is categorised in the following way:

The Male Viking = India Pale Ale

The Female Viking = Dark Beers

The Baby Viking = Session Ales

The Kung Foo Elephant = Speciality Hoppy Beers

Every time we create a new beer it’s given its own unique colour. In nine months we’ve already brewed 43 beers; 10 Baby Vikings, four Female Vikings, 10 Male Vikings, seven Kung Foo Elephants, and we’ve also brewed three table beers, eight sours, and one collaboration beer. That’s a lot of colours and a potential need for new characters, but who knows what the future will hold? That’s the beauty of evolution.

For now, let’s explore together.


Range Brewing.

Range Brewing