Oktoberfest Mixed 8 Pack


Oktoberfest Mixed 8 Pack contains:
2 x 440ml cans of Helles
2 x 440ml cans of Festbier (Burnley collab)
2 x 440ml cans of Hefeweizen
2 x 440ml cans of Dunkel
1x RB Bamberg Tankard Mug

This fest bier is brewed using the finest German malts with a double decoction mash. It is fermented with a Kolsch yeast strain in collaboration with our good friends from Burnley Brewing. It has a big and bold mouthfeel whilst remaining extremely light and session-able on the back palate. The Kolsch yeast strain accentuates the perfect balanced bitterness whilst remaining crisp, clean and crushable. Expect notes of slight malty sweetness paired with the refreshing strawberry and raspberry yeast esters. This is a beer brewed by pals for pals.

This Munich Helles is brewed with a traditional Munich water profile and all German malts. It is fermented with a heavy ester filled Pilsen yeast strain that results in our take on a classic Munich Helles full of medium maltiness, sweet grain and warm bread. It glows a light shade of straw that is perfect for an afternoon in the sun. It is soft and round on the palate which complements the traditional noble hop spice in the finish. A Munich Helles, just like we all love and know.

This is a traditional Hefeweizen style German wheat ale. It is brewed with a heavy addition of both pale and rolled wheat to create a rich and smooth body. It is fermented on a traditional Munich Ale yeast strain that gives lashing of ripe banana that develops into a slightly spicy clove finish. The colour is a striking orange with a medium haze. This Hefeweizen was naturally carbonated to provide a thick, dense white head full of aroma and flavour.

This is a traditional Dunkel style German Wheat ale. It is brewed with a heavy base of rolled and pale wheat with additions of dark chocolate and rye malt. The dark malts provide a refreshing roasty bitterness with undertones of chocolate and spicy sweetness. This is complemented by a back palate of banana, clove and cinnamon that rounds off clean and crisp. It pours crystal clear, black and luxurious with a dense creamy head.

ABV: 4.2-5.6%
Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat
Vegan: Yes
Package Size: 8 x 440ml Cans + 1x RB Bamberg Tankard Mug

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Oktoberfest Mixed 8 Pack


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