Mid Year IPA Box - 10 Pack

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This mixed box contains:
2x 440ml Tricks & Tips - DIPA
2x 440ml Had To Be There - OC IPA
2x 440ml Upon Reflection - West Coast IPA
2x 440ml Late Night Spiral - DDH West Coast IPA
2x 440ml Take Me With You - DDH IPA

Tricks & Tips
Style: DIPA
Tricks & Tips is a brand new Double IPA, brewed with the succulent hop combo of Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Galaxy. Those who pay really close attention to our beers may remember a collab we released with Garage Project back in 2022. Well we absolutely loved that beer, so we thought the only thing that could make it better was to amp it up into a Double! First thing you'll notice is a deep and milky haze, thanks to a healthy dose of oats and wheat, but also an extra helping of haze inducing kiwi hops. The aroma is bursting out of this one, with just a ridiculous amount of stonefruit and citrus jumping out. On the palate, boy it's silky. The body is full and lush, with hop notes gliding through. We get enormous hits of sticky mango, creamy passionfruit and lime splice citrus.  The hop notes are incredibly vibrant and popping, leaving you craving that next sip instantly. But here's a pro tip, slow it down and enjoy it.

Had To Be There
Style: Oat Cream IPA
Had To Be There is a brand new Oat Cream IPA that has been heavily does with HBC 586, Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Sabro LUPOMAX. What we have ourselves here is a tropical fruit salad. It's easy on the eye with a beautiful light yellow haze that's deep and radiant. On the aromas we're getting plenty of juicy melon, and soft guava. Take a sip and get hit with fleshy orange, rock melon, lychee, guava and just a light little hint of dankness to round it out. The finish is soft, tropical and luscious.

Upon Reflection
Style: West Coast IPA
Upon Reflection is a brand new modern West Coast IPA. We’ve dry-hopped it heavily with Mosaic Cryo, Citra, Centennial, and Nectaron. So clear that you could read a book through it, we’re already licking our lips just looking at it. Aromas of white peach, lemon rind, blueberry, and grapefruit are having an absolute party in the glass, leaping right out at us. On the palate we get an even bigger hit of peach and stone fruit, some candied citrus and some pithy grapefruit that just enhances refreshment levels. An assertive bitterness (similar to grapefruit bitterness) cleans up the palate and coats your mouth, leaving you ripe and ready for another sip. Upon reflection, this might be one of our favourite Westys so far this year!

Take Me With You
Style: DDH IPA
Take Me With You is a brand new double dry-hopped IPA, loaded up with Citra, BRU-1, NZ Cascade and Motueka. The first thing to note about this beer is the colour is to die for. Light yellow and a dense and milky haze, combined with a bright white and deliciously fluffy foam. We know this is said often, but damn, this beer is JUICY. Super fresh aromas straight jumping out of the glass with passionfruit, guava and pineapple dominating. Take a sip and let the smooth body glide through with the most succulent notes of guava, peach gummies, and freshly squeezed orange. The finish is drippy and fresh, with a subtle bitterness but really, this is all about the juice. 

Late Night Spiral
Style: DDH West Coast IPA
Late Night Spiral is a brand new double dry-hooped West Coast IPA, packed full of Mosaic Cryo, Rakau, Citra and Cashmere. This naughty little Westie is a beautiful light straw colour with terrific clarity and foam, super easy on the eye. As with all our West Coast beers, we like to keep the malt bill lean and clean and let the hops do the talking, which they certainly do here. Expect a medium to firm bitterness which comes through predominantly on the mid palate, before giving way to notes of overripe stonefruit, grapefruit, berries and the perfect amount of resin from the Mosaic Cryo. The finish is long lasting with a bitterness that hangs around just long enough to get you to the next sip. Grab a can and take yourself on a late night spiral down the rabbit hole. 

ABV: 6.5%-8.2%
Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat, Lactose
Vegan: No
Package Size: 10 x 440ml Cans


Mid Year IPA Box - 10 Pack

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