DDH Everything Mixed Box


For the best DDH experience at home, we've made this DDH everything mixed 10 box that comes with an exclusive DDH Willi B glass and bumper sticker. Whether you live a little further away from our taprooms or you just like to enjoy your favourite green goods in the comfort of your own home (we're still talking about beer), this box is for you. 

Our DDH Everything series showcases our love affair with our favourite green flower - hops. We've made five different beers, each one putting one hop variety and style of beers into the spotlight. The brewing team has used our ultra-refined double dry-hopping method to exploit and expose the wonders that each hop variety can produce. 

This mixed box includes all five of the DDH beers plus an exclusive DDH Willi B glass: 
2x 440ml cans of DDH Lager (5.4%)
2x 440ml cans of DDH IPA (6.4%)
2x 440ml cans of DDH West Coast IPA 7%)
2x 440ml cans of DDH DIPA (8.5%)
2x 440ml cans of DDH Oat Cream DIPA (8.5%)

ABV: 5.4%-8.5%
Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat, Lactose
Vegan: No
Package Size: 10x 440ml cans, 1x glass & 1x bumper sticker

DDH Everything Lager
This Double Dry Hopped Lager is a showcase on all things Motueka courtesy of our friends at Freestyle Hops. Aromas of lemon meringue, pine and a hint of coconut blend through to a light yet lush body. The palate is hit with a healthy dose of zesty lemon, lime, orange rind and punchy coconut rounded out so refreshingly that you’ll never want it to end. A certified thirst quencher. 

DDH Everything: IPA
This DDH IPA is a showcase of all things Strata. Big, bold, in your face and not afraid to show it. Soft melon, marshmallow, and candied mango jump right up the nostrils getting you ready for the intensity that is to come. An explosion of rockmelon, papaya and orange grabs hold of the your taste buds with a distinctive bitterness that really lets you know you're drinking a DDH IPA. 

This DDH West Coast IPA shines the spotlight on the one, the only, El Dorado hop. It presents crystal clear with a beautiful amber hue and a crisp white head. This beer is all about showcasing the best of an old world style with our new world techniques. The enslaught of El Dorado gives bright tropical fruit and aromas of pineapple, stone fruit and a little watermelon in the back. The finish rounds out with a perfectly balanced bitterness that carries through pine resin and a little dankness just like a West Coast IPA should have.

This DDH Oat Cream DIPA is double dry hopped with audacious levels of Cashmere. It pours thicc and velvety with a vibrant orange haze that showcases the hop intensity perfectly. A heavy addition of lactose builds a creamy mouthfeel that pairs elegantly with the huge amount of Cashmere that laces the palate. Expect notes of bubblegum, coconut and stewed mango on the palate that makes way for a moreish finish. A vibrant bitterness rounds out this DDH Oat Cream DIPA and leaves you begging for another sip.   DDH Everything: DIPA
This DDH DIPA showcases our favourite friend Citra in copious copious amounts. That first whiff is sure to put a smile on your face after the candy melon, juuuiiicccy mango, sweet passionfruit aromas bounce up your nostrils. They draw you in and the tropical fruit juice that coats your mouth doesn’t disappoint. Pungent pineapple, sticky mango, syrupy passionfruit and a spritz of pineapple to bring it all home. This DDH DIPA is an extremely well refined hop bomb and is the perfect end to our DDH EVERYTHING series. MIC DROP


DDH Everything Mixed Box

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