The Range Variety Box


Now this is something we haven’t done before! A mixed box with 10 different singles in it! This pack really covers all bases and best represents everything we’re about- to be forever exploring and forever evolving. 

This mixed box contains:
1x 440ml can of Range Lite (American-style lite lager)
1x 440ml can of Echoes (Helles Lager)
1x 440ml can of FAQs (California IPA)
1x 440ml can of JAM: Cherry + Raspberry (Double fruited sour ale)
1x 440ml can of Welcome Party (Oat Cream DIPA)
1x 440ml can of Five O’Clock somewhere (Margarita inspired Gose)
1x 440ml can of Colour Theory (Our Award winning IPA 😉)
1x 330ml can of Endless Summer (California Pale)
1x 330ml can of DISCO (Hazy Pale #discoisforever)
1x 440ml can of Power Trip (DDH West Coast IPA)


ABV: 4.6%-8.1%
Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat, Cherry, Raspberry, Lactose, Key Lime, 
Vegan: No
Package Size: 10x cans (8x 440ml, 2x 330ml)


The Range Variety Box

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