Lager Lovers Pack


Lager Lover Pack contains:
4x 330ml cans of Buddy
4x 440ml cans of Range Lite
4x 440ml cans of Range Especial
1x Range Brewing Bamberg Tankard

Style: Czech Pale Lager
Buddy is a Czech Pale Lager. We've fermented a clean and lean malt bill with a Budvar yeast strain to produce a traditional Czech flavour profile. Beautifully malty, with a clean bitterness and rounded body. It makes for the perfect poolside buddy.

Range Lite:
Style: American Light Lager
Range Lite is a brand new and ultimately crushable American style Light Lager. Range Lite pours an extremely light yellow colour which is crystal clear. We've used a combination of rice and corn in our grist to provide a lean body with a crisp flavour, whilst also helping to maintain clarity. A mild bitterness on the mid palate adds an element of refreshment and balance that carries through gently to the finish. All in all this is a perfect Saturday crusher, whether you're cheering on your favourite team or have just worked up a thirst that must be quenched.

Range Especial
Style: Mexican Lager
Range Especial is a brand new Mexican-style lager. We've brewed this super light and crushable lager to be enjoyed anywhere that the sun is shining over summer. A malt bill of predominantly maize, with a little dash of Munich malt for a touch of body provides a light straw colour and crystal clear appearance. It's zippy and zesty, with an extremely refreshing flavour and a clean crisp finish. Best served ice cold with a sunset and some waves.

ABV: 4.2%-5.0%
Allergens: Gluten, Barley, Wheat
Vegan: Yes
Package Size: 4x 330ml cans + 8x 440ml cans + 1x Range Brewing Bamber Tankard


Lager Lovers Pack

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